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Challenge: 5 apps in 5 months

About two years ago, I decided I wanted to learn Web Development. I had this idea to create an app for women, by women, to help find more balance in our lives. I nailed down the team: a marketing guru, an ops guru, and myself, but we were short a tech guru. After scouring the globe, literally, we finally found someone we thought would be a great fit. We made a few pitches, and unbelievably made it to the last round of a pretty major investment opportunity. Then our coder pulled out, and we were left with a few pages of code and no way to untangle it.
A boot camp and 18 months later, here I am. A bonafide Ruby on Rails developer who can navigate around a React framework. Except, I frequently have this small, internal voice, alright, screaming voice, telling me that I am a total fraud. Yes, that’s right. Even after formal training and spending a year as a “professional” developer, I still suffer from imposter syndrome.
Concretely speaking, I can do most things that you need to be a…

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