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Naive Programming: The mark of plebs?

Now that I am finding my stride a bit more as a developer, I have noticed that this unexplained need to prove just how clever you are as a developer. After spending (wasting?) several months worrying about if I was “clever enough”, I noticed that a disturbingly large number of my peers have the overwhelming need prove they are, indeed, more clever than the programmer sitting next to each other. Watching these battles, is somewhat akin to witnessing two scrappy cats duke it out over their food bowl. I find this trend is even more puzzling since these programmers, like myself, only have a few years of work experience in programming.
Recognizing that I could benefit from some more consistent programming techniques, I decided to do some digging on various programming styles. With the help of various Katas and a couple Test Driven Development classes at Codaisseur, I stumbled upon Naive Programming.
Naive Programming is exactly what it sounds like: finding the simplest, most straight …

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